Welcome to Candle deLuxe

We produce high quality candles from natural palm oil

Reasons for using Palm Oil Candles

 Burns longer then paraffin
 Easy to clean from hard surfaces
 Produces no or low amount of soot
 Reusable Natural Resource
 Washable out of cloth
 Fresh natural Smell
 Lead and Metal Free Wicks
 Wicks are made from 100% cotton from equator
 Absolutely No petroleum smell

About Palm Oil

The fruits are harvest for their oil-rich mesocarp (pulp) and seeds
Like coconuts, the seeds are rich in saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid.
Palmitic acid has all single bonds between the carbon atoms and is similar to
animal fat (stearic acid), except it has 16 rather than 18 carbons.
Palm oils are used primarily for soaps and candles, but they are also found in
margarines and candy.


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